Your Sugar Mama

There are so many bad marketing campaigns, we like to salute one when we find it.

Campaign: Sugar Mama

Sponsor: Virgin Mobile


Offer: Reward Mobil customers with extra minutes in return for

  • Watching online videos
  • Receiving text messages
  • Filling out surveys

Details: Exactly how program works stated clearly and concisely on a answers page.

Execution: If you still have questions, there is an email address. And someone actually responds to the email with explicit answers within a day.

This is permission marketing as it ought to be. Customers can opt in and opt out at any time. Their participation is acknowledged with a simple token reward – for every minute you view our content, we give you a minute of airtime.

As a rate of pay this is way below minimum wage, but that beside the point. It is an acknowledgement and appreciation of the customer. When is the last time you got that as a consumer?

This straight forward clarity runs throughout. It’s easy to see what you get, what that costs, and what to do if you want to change your plan.

This shouldn’t be a big deal, but compared with the major communications carriers and cable system operators it is. It is the difference between earning customers and trapping them.